APO-7019 Self-Calibrating Wheel Balancer

APO-7019 Self-Calibrating Wheel Balancer

The APO-7019 tire balancer is the most popular our wheel balancer that we sell.This model is very a simple, yet sophisticated wheel balancer. Each electrical component part is virtually ” plug and play ” so repair is easy when it is time to replace parts.




1.With self-calibration and self-diagnosis functions
2.LED light & Digital display
3.Brake pedal for accurate positioning of counter weights

Additional information

Max. wheel weight

65 kg (143 lbs)

Optional power supply

110 V (1 ph)/ 220 V (1 ph/3 ph)/ 380 V (3 ph)

Motor power

0.55/0.75/1.1 kw

Balancing speed

200 r.p.m

Balancing accuracy

±1 g(±0.04 oz))

Rim diameter

252-610 mm(10″-24″)

Rim width

40-510 mm(1.5-20″)

Measuring time

8 s

Noise level


Package size

560*760*950 mm(1.8*2.5*3.1ft)

N/G weight

47/66 kg (103.4/145.2 lbs)