4.5 T Capacity APO-F45 Four Post Vehicle Lift

APO-FS35/APO-FS45/APO-FS55 Four Post Car Lift is a four post lift with extra height, but can also fit within a typical parking space. This 4 post lift can double as a parking space without the need of a tricky installation.


Safety Features:

1. Big Pulley for steel rope

2. Height limit switch

3.Safety valve for anti-explosion of hydraulic system 

4. Equipped with main insurance and rope break insurance on each column

Additional information




Manual Lock Release (Optional Pneumatic LockRelease)

Lifting Capacity

4500kg (9940 lb)

Lifting Height

1700 mm(67”)

Platform Height

200 mm(7.9")

Platform Length

4650 mm (183")

Power of Motor

220V 1PH 50/60Hz 220/380V 3PH 50/60Hz

Power Supply