APO-T260 Truck Tire Changer

The APO-T260 truck tire changer is the perfect choice for the large truck tire center that does high volume truck tire work on over the road wheel assemblies. The automatic features of this truck tire changer allow the operator to drastically reduce the time it takes to mount and demount a truck tire.



1. Durable reduction gearbox
2. High-efficiency motor
3. Ease-of –use bead breaker disk and mounting tool
4. Emergency switch
5. Safely monitor all tire changing operations
6. Portable control console

Additional information

Pump motor

220v (3ph)/380v(3ph); 1.5kw

Rotating motor

220V (3ph)/ 380V (3ph); 2.2kw

Clamping capacity


Maximum tyre diameter

1600mm (63”)

Maximum tyre width

780mm (30”)

Maximum tyre weight

500kg (1100 lbs)


2000*1580*850mm (6.6*5.2*2.8 ft)

N/G weight

520/670kg (1146/1477 lbs)