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How High Does The Ceiling Need To Be For A Car Lift?

A professional car lift can completely change the way you use your workspace, making difficult storage and maintenance issues a breeze, but how do you know if your shop can fit the lift that you’re interested in? Ceiling height is generally the first consideration, but we’ll also take a look at what kind of space considerations you need to make. While lifts often

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Automotive lifts are fundamental pieces of equipment no repair shop regardless of size should do without. For that reason, whether you’re an amateur or looking to open up your own repair shop you’ll need to arm yourself with knowledge on vehicle lifts. The following are common FAQs customers have when browsing for vehicle lifts. What is the difference between two

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Why, Why, Why Car Lifts Are A Hot Commodity Today?

Personalization is a major concern for many people. If you’re one of them, you probably search for ways to make your vehicle all your own. Not only does this include adding accessories, but it can mean utilizing a car lift. Car lifts are a hot commodity in today’s world. What is a Car Lift? A car lift comes in the

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