The invention of car lifts and vehicle lifts first came to be as a modification of the now “primitive” inground lift. Back then, when mechanics or repairmen had to work on the underside parts of an automobile or a car, they would park the vehicle in a ramp and do their jobs from underneath the vehicle, inside a pit they had dug. It was quite an expensive solution, due to the fact that building an inground lift requires excavation and a slew of constructions. Thanks to technological and mechanical advancements, though, we now have a range of car lifts that serve to make repairing vehicles much easier.

PL-PK201 Two Post Parking Lift 7,000-lb. Capacity Short Runways Extra-Wide, Extra-Tall Car Lift

Take, for example, the PL-3.5-2B Baseplate 2 Post Lift. It’s a given how two post lifts have become a significant part of the automotive repair industry. Imagine if mechanics still had to work using an inground lift, right? It would cost the repair shop a lot of money and space considerations to build an inground lift. This is where the importance of a two post lift, among other lifts, makes itself most apparent, manifesting in how it saves time, takes less space, and espouses efficiency.

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[gdlr_quote align=”center” ]Check out the list below to see the two main types of auto lifts available today:[/gdlr_quote]

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  • The Two Post Car Lift – As standard equipment in automobile repair shops, it provides mechanics with space and clearance they need to work faster. It eases oil changing, wiring installation, and exhaust system jobs. These lifts also allow different weight capacities; from 7,000 to as much as 19,000 lbs.
  • The Four Post Car Lift – Favored by most mechanics and dedicated car enthusiasts, these enable complex maintenance work. It also betters operational safety with the highest quality in materials and building technology, such as a built-in automatic lock system and ramps with anti-skid marks. These lifts are best applicable to wheel alignment procedures. Its hoisting range enables the necessary clearance for brake repairs.

These are the two main types of auto lifts, but there are more specific lifts for specialized uses. There are parking, motorcycle, and specialty lifts, just to name a few. For questions or assistance, feel free to contact us.



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